Presentations from our 2016 Conference:

What is this Conference about?

This Conference is about real leadership. It is about how to change the course of things in the world you live in, from whatever position in life or work you happen to be in. It is about understanding how to do it. It is about some proven concepts and tools that will enable you to change your world. Or change the world around you for the better.

Who is this Conference for?

This Conference is for anyone who is not completely satisfied with their life at work – or at home. It is for anyone who has dreamed of having a better life at work or at home than they have today. It is about how to change the circumstances of your own life – or how to change the circumstances of the world you work in and live in. It is about how to change the organizations you work in or live in for the better.

Why now?

We desperately need to make our organizations better places to work and to be a part of – one organization at a time. When you even undertake to do this, with the concepts and the tools you can gather at this unique Conference, you will have fulfilled your aspirations and your legacy.

What’s in it for you?

When you learn how to make it happen, everyone wins. Your life will be many times better for having changed the world you live in. Learning how to make sustainable high- performance organizations (whether in part or in whole) will propel you into the best life you can have.

How is this Conference different?

In almost every way. Most uniquely, it is designed to be highly interactive. You get to ask questions of the people who have done it, which is the only way of really understanding it. What you learn depends upon what you came to learn. Your speakers and facilitators are not here to puff up their egos. They are here to mentor you in the way you want to be mentored. You want to understand how to think about how to accomplish in your own life, by your own learning. Ask them. They can guide you to the kind of understanding you may need.

What will you go away with, of real life value to you?

In a conference that is designed in this way, you can leave here with what you came for – a way of practicing leadership that you can make a part of who you are, and therefore the start of a journey that begins on Monday morning when you return from the conference. If you came wanting to learn what real leadership is all about, this is your chance at the only Conference where that can happen to you, for you.
You can learn life-changing stuff for your own purposes, in your own life. Or you can sit back in the bleachers and wait for someone to “teach” you something. It’s up to you. Get in there and ask tough questions of these people who know how – if you want to know how.

Who are these people who are here to share with you?

Lee Thayer, who for 45+ years has been partnering with CEOs of all sizes and kinds of organizations to make high-performance organizations, and to learn the kind of leadership required to do so.

John McBeth, who for 25 years in two of his own enterprises and as a top executive in a global BtoB business has been applying the concepts and tools successfully – yet is still learning how.

Carole A. Fisher, who rose from the ranks to become CEO of the large and eminently successful Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas, who was one of the first to complete the Institute’s basic course, and is now learning how to be a learning leader by challenging herself by mentoring others.

Chris Comeaux, who heads up the largest organization of its size in Western North Carolina, who began as a client of Thayer’s and now wants to take the high art of making high-performance organizations to the world as the Chief Operating Officer of the Institute.

Kevin Pickhardt, who is the CEO of Pharos International, a high-tech organization based in New York and New Zealand and is learning how to transform his organization for high-performance using the powerful concepts he has gained as a pragmatic student of Thayer’s ideas.

Larry Bull, who was “discovered” by Thayer in a small organization in Chicago, was enticed into coming to Bergstrom Inc. where he became the COO and led that company to great success, and now presides over several manufacturing organizations he has put together in which he is instilling these high-performance concepts and tools.

Joelle Moles, who was urged to join D’Artagnan knowing little about that up-scale restaurant provisioning business, but a lot about how to create a high-performance organization, did so by establishing the Chicago Division and is presently the VP of Operations/Logistics for the whole company.

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