Master Class Certification Course MLAS

The Master Class teaches leaders to create competent, high-performance organizations. Through a unique understanding of “leadership” you will become masterful at real world application, by starting with a concept of the final product and transforming that concept into reality. Your success depends on how you understand the concepts and the tools required:

  • Self-Mastery
  • Organization-Making
  • People-Making
  • Meaning Management


Healthcare Executive Course MLAS

The certification course is designed for practicing chief executives or high-level executives who are committed to leadership competency and sustainable organizational excellence. This interactive group course is primarily web and teleconference-based with two in-person gatherings in Flat Rock, NC, marking the beginning and the end of each course year and which coincides with the launch of the new course year.


CEO Fellows Program

Not merely a good organization, but a great one? Do you constantly seek ways to improve yourself and your organization? Offered under The Thayer Institute for Performance Virtuosity, the CEO Fellows Program is an advanced mastermind group designed to bring exceptional talent together for mutual learning, professional, and personal development.

With intensive work and study, Dr. Lee Thayer, Chris Comeaux and John E. Miles V designed the Thayer Institute CEO Fellows Program, a program intended to guide 12 carefully selected cohorts in an expedition of mind and heart.