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Do you know what it takes to create a high-performance organization?

Not merely a good organization, but a great one? Do you constantly seek ways to improve yourself and your organization? Offered under The Thayer Institute, the CEO Fellows Program is an advanced mastermind group designed to bring exceptional talent together for mutual learning, professional, and personal development.

With intensive work and study, Dr. Lee Thayer and John E. Miles V designed the Thayer Institute CEO Fellows Program, a program intended to guide 12 carefully selected cohorts in an expedition of mind and heart.

This will be a year by year journey. During that time, you will develop the tools, strategy and thinking to create an extraordinary organization that thrives in spite of the uncertain tides of change and the turbulence in business and our time.

Participant’s role: To make this the most useful and rewarding journey our participants have been, or will ever be involved in, by –

  • Diligently mining what could be learned from a deeper study of the concepts presented in the reading material
  • Provocatively and conscientiously carrying out the assignments
  • Challenging my colleagues with the questions that need to be asked, for their benefit and for mine
  • Leading us to the most beneficial discussions
  • Fulfilling my own need to know, as well as that of my colleagues
  • Questioning what I know, in order to know better
  • Increasing my competence as a participant, and helping others to increase theirs
  • Demonstrating my prowess at putting the concepts to use in my performance

Who should apply to be a part of this course?

  • CEOs in any industry
  • High-level leaders in any industry
  • Specialized regional offerings are envisioned and under development for major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.

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