organization management

Master of Leadership Arts and Sciences

The Master Class teaches leaders to create competent, high-performance organizations. Through a unique understanding of “leadership” you will become masterful at real world application, by starting with a concept of the final product and transforming that concept into reality. Your success depends on how you understand the concepts and the tools required:

  • Self-Mastery
  • Organization-Making
  • People-Making
  • Meaning Management

This interactive distance-learning group course, offered under The Thayer Institute for Performance Virtuosity. This interactive group course is primarily web and teleconference based with two in-person gatherings in Flat Rock, NC, marking the beginning and the end of each course year and which coincides with the launch of the new course year.

This 2-year program consists of two 11 month years, broken into four semesters. A monthly webinar allows for collaborative exploration of any questions generated by the reading assignments. Faculty scheduled “office hours” provide space to discuss topics of concern in great detail. In addition, the Institute’s “Problem Space” and “Question Place” give you the opportunity to post specific problems and questions to solicit both participant and faculty response. The 4th and final semester Practicum is your opportunity to apply your learning to a project that culminates in a presentation to the Master Class at its final gathering.

Writing assignments throughout the course are submitted for review and thoughtful, critical commentary to your mentor and fellow participants. You will also be required to offer commentary on fellow participants’ work.

Master Class Participant’s role: To make this the most useful and rewarding course our participants have been, or will ever be involved in, by –

  • Diligently mining what could be learned from a deeper study of the concepts presented in the reading material
  • Provocatively and conscientiously carrying out the assignments
  • Challenging my colleagues with the questions that need to be asked, for their benefit and for mine
  • Leading us to the most beneficial discussions
  • Fulfilling my own need to know, as well as that of my colleagues
  • Questioning what I know, in order to know better
  • Increasing my competence as a participant, and helping others to increase theirs
  • Demonstrating my prowess at putting the concepts to use in my performance

Leadership is not a destination. It is a journey. By functioning as your own teacher, this course will enable you to learn how to learn and prepare you to help others for the journey.

Who should apply to be a part of this course?

  • High-level executive group facilitators like Vistage Chairs
  • CEOs in any industry
  • High-level leaders in any industry

Specialized course offerings specific by industry are under development. Areas of focus are banking, finance, Human Resource and Organizational Development leaders, restaurateurs, Executive Assistants, manufacturing, and other industry sectors.