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The Thayer Institute offers mentoring to facilitate the learning for leaders and for organizations who are on the journey to create a high-performance organization.

Executive Mentoring

The Thayer Institute offers Executive Mentoring Services for leaders seeking a different perspective and an unconventional approach in their professional development. Designed specifically for executives responsible for making complex decisions and composing high-performance organizations, individualized sessions are designed to foster mutual learning. With an emphasis on developing the necessary skills and habits required to perform ones role masterfully, coaching clients can expect to fill their leadership toolbox with numerous concepts and techniques.

Clients will study, practice and perform the 4 primary ongoing and never ending tasks of a leader: self-mastery, organization-making, people-making, and meaning-management. During this unique learning opportunity, performance goals and corresponding learning plans will be developed with the aim to perform ones role better tomorrow than today.

Organization Mentoring

The Thayer Institute organization mentoring services is about getting in the trenches with key leaders and inventing the pushes and pulls necessary to navigate the journey of high- performance.  Those that peddle a panacea are akin to the snake oil salesmen of old.  There is no panacea recipe despite the bestsellers all claiming they have figured it out.

How are we different?  Dr. Thayer’s principles are just that, principles, they are like gravity you learn how to lead in harmony with these principles, you learn how to become a master of them, and weld them in such a way that your leading is like watching a performing art, like a virtuoso giving a performance.  That is what real leadership should look like and can via our coaching services.

Additional Consulting offerings:  

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  • Communication issues – We can help you cut your communication costs by 50%
  • The path to high-performance
  • A Need for a corporate leadership development program
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  • You have capital and business ideas but lack the competent leaders to take the idea forward